Pro Football Cities They Be a Changing

The past couple of years professional teams have made the heart-breaking announcement to move to a new city. L.A. Rams, L.A. Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, the list seems to continually lengthen. I cannot imagine the anger and pain I would feel if my team, the San Fransisco Giants, made the announcement that they were moving away from the City by the Bay.

Focusing specifically on the Oakland Raiders, the move is completely ridiculous.  The fans have seasoned years of disappointing performances along with a crumbling stadium.  Regardless of the condition, the fans continue to buy tickets. The Black Hole is the Oakland Raiders.  It is an atmosphere that cannot be replicated in Los Vegas.

Las Vegas is a place people go to escape from their day-to-day struggles and life.  The city has promoted their tourism with the line, What Happens in Vegas….Stays in Vegas.  The residents of Las Vegas have made it clear that they avoid the craziness of the strip at all costs.  So, if tourists are exploring their wild side at the casinos and clubs and natives are enjoying their strip-free lifestyles, how will a team will seats in their new (expensive) stadium?

Yes, the city is already home to one professional team, but its success seems limited.  The hot climate mixed with the NHL ice is the perfect winning combination, but the success might be limited to the one sport.  After all, how can you expect people to watch a game in the 100 plus heat?

Aside from the loss of jobs and community involvement and moral, the simple logistics of moving the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas is not logical.  Yes, the stadium is lacking basic functionality. Yes, the possibility of a new city and stadium is exciting. However, Oakland has proved multiple times that growth and rebirth can happen.

Keeping the Raiders in Oakland is not the easy option, but that is what makes Oakland. Build another stadium for the Raiders and rebuild the Colosseum for the A’s, create a trifecta of professional sports.

Invest in Oakland like Oakland has invested in the Raiders.